Jacklyn Murphy

Behavior Consultant

Eric KesslerJacklyn Murphy began working with individuals with autism as a one-to-one therapist in 2009.

As an interventionist Jacklyn worked one-to-one with children in the home, shadowed children in typical placements, and conducted peer play sessions. Because of her dedication to her clients, Jacklyn was offered the opportunity to relocate with a family out of the country to continue services for their child to continue his home program and transition into an international American school. After residing for one year with the family in the Caribbean, Jacklyn returned to Las Vegas and continued her autism career

After her return home she worked as an ABA interventionists for The Lovaas Center, an instructor and Supervisor for Sport Social’s Summer Camp programs, and helped pilot a social program for teenagers with autism with a local non-profit, Grant a Gift Autism Foundation. Although Jacklyn is no longer a part of these other programs she, as well as the entire staff at The Lovaas Center continues to support their growth in our community.

Jacklyn Murphy is currently attending the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) to complete her degree in Psychology. She is currently board certified as an Certified Autism Behavior Interventionist (CABI) through the Nevada board of Psychological Examiners.