Roo Abdel-Al, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA

Supervising Consultant

Roo Abdel-AlRoo Abdel-Al began her clinical experience in 2005 where she worked under a National Institute of Health funded grant in a clinical psychology research lab at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Here, she provided intensive behavioral therapy to children of maltreatment and substance abusing mothers for four years.

Concurrently, she began implementing the Lovaas Method to children with autism. After three years of providing behavioral therapy to children, she became a consultant with The Lovaas Center for Behavioral Intervention. She currently supervises the dissemination of the Lovaas Method to children on the autism spectrum throughout Nevada. She has also coordinated community trainings with Families for Effective Autism Treatment (FEAT), is fluent in Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and is restraint certified.

Roo is also the behavioral consultant at Sport Social, an organization that uses various sport and art activities to facilitate social and behavioral skills. At this organization, Roo manages goals and corresponding data for children, trains the staff in proper behavioral techniques and aids in the creation of social and behavioral programs to ensure each child is able to reach their true potential.

Roo graduated from UNLV with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Masters in Special Education with an emphasis in autism, is currently board certified as a BCaBA and is licensed by the Nevada Board of Psychological Examiners.