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Lovaas Treatment for Children with Autism

About UsChanging Lives — One Child at a Time

At The Lovaas Center, we firmly believe in the intrinsic worth of every child. It is because of the children that we do this work. We appreciate their uniqueness and celebrate their progress—moment by moment as well as years down the road.

There has been a great deal of focus on the negative effects of autism, and far less talk about the positive aspects of children with autism. Many are gifted in certain areas and some are extraordinarily intelligent. They just need help learning how to open up and truly blossom.

You may have seen dramatic stories about children who suddenly, miraculously overcome the effects of autism. Unfortunately, these are rare cases. For the vast majority of children with autism, a return to more typical behavior, emotions, and social functioning comes gradually, after years of intensive therapy.

The Lovaas Center provides early intensive behavioral intervention backed by more than 50 years of research. We believe—and the families we’ve worked with agree — that the progress and successes are well worth the effort. It isn’t quick. It isn’t easy. But it’s nothing short of miraculous.

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