Hasmik Hanna Hovhanessyan


Hasmik Hovhanessyan Hanna started as a temp with The Lovaas Center of Behavior Intervention in August of 2008. After six month of excellent work she was hired as an accountant then soon after resumed the additional responsibilities of Office Manager.

She completed her Master’s degree in Economics in Yerevan, Armenia. Hanna worked in warehouse of Import-Export Company for several years. She moved to the U.S.A. twenty-five years ago and started schooling again. Hanna graduated form Los Angeles City Collage with AA degree in Accounting and reinstated her degree in Economics from Armenia. She got certified for Medical Billing and Medical Terminology. Hanna also obtained her Real Estate Salesperson license in California.

She is in charge of various accounting tasks and very proficient with different accounting software programs. Hanna’s experience and knowledge is very valuable to the company and has the ability to multitask and insures that tasks are completed beyond what is necessary.