Noticing autism signs in children at an early age can make all the difference. Early detection and intervention are key.

AutismNot only are we uncertain about the causes of autism, we are uncertain about what has caused the increase in autism rates. One child in every 110 and one boy in 70 are diagnosed with autism, with a prevalence rate that continues to increase.

Greater autism awareness among the public and health care practitioners likely contributes to this increase, but cannot completely explain it.

Fortunately, as rates have increased, so has the awareness of signs in children. This is so important because early detection and early intervention using effective treatments are key in helping children with autism grow up to live more productive lives.

ABA treatment for autism has been proven to be effective in several studies with gains in areas that children with autism are typically lacking language, behaviors, and academic performance.

More importantly, thousands of people are living proof that autism is not always permanently disabling. In fact, many people along the autism spectrum are gifted in unique and wonderful ways.